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Our Beginning

IMG 1688 copyIt was in the year 1989 that God spoke to Dr. Charles Mantey to establish a church in the city of Toronto. This church is to bring healing and deliverance to the inhabitants of the city and those in other parts of the world.

Dr. Mantey and his wife Rev Faustina prayed about this vision for one full year.

After many confirmations and much burden from the Holy Spirit, Disciples Revival Church was born with 13 people on February 25th 1990; at an apartment building where Dr. & Rev.(Mrs.) Mantey were staying.

Three weeks later, other tenants in the building began to complain about the noise level; the church then had to find another place for their meetings. By faith, the church moved to a Banquet Hall on Weston Road at Lawrence called Cocoa House. At the Cocoa House, we were only allowed to meet there once a week; which was Sunday morning.

After 3 months we had to find a place as our attendant kept shrinking (because, people didn't like the Banquet Hall).

By faith, the church moved for the third time to share with St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church on Weston Road at Sheppard. They met in the morning while we met in the afternoon. This continued for 3 1Ž2 years until we found an industrial building on 549 Oakdale Road Unit 1 at the Jane and Finch area. We renovated it into a place of worship.

While Dr. Mantey was away on a personal retreat, the Holy Spirit revealed to him that the young church will soon get its permanent place of worship. He announced it to the whole congregation and asked everybody to pray about it.

On Sunday February 1st 1998, the church moved for the fourth time into our own permanent building at 30 Gordon Mackay Road in Toronto, North York.

Right from the beginning of the church we have seen God bringing people from other communities other than the Ghanaian community; this has enriched our fellowship, and also expanded our ministry.

Today, we see people from different nationalities worshiping at Disciples Revival Church.

Our mission work has spread to some of these countries; like Grenada, South Africa, Ghana, and Liberia.
We support some of the churches in these countries by sending them clothing, food, school supply e.t.c..
We have planted 18 churches in Ghana. Apart from the churches, we have built two schools at places where there are no schools at all. We also have an orphanage that house 200 children in Ghana.

Through the unique ministry God has given to Dr. and Rev (Mrs.) Mantey, which is Healing and Deliverance ministry, many people have been blessed. Women who were once barren now have their babies. Individuals who were troubled by evil spirits now have their deliverance. Others with chronic disease have been healed by the power of God.

We give all the glory to God!

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